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Name:Tanelorn - OOC Forum
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"Tanelorn had a peculiar nature in that it welcomed and held the wanderer. To its peaceful streets and low houses came the gaunt, the savage, the brutalised, the tormented, and in Tanelorn they found rest."

"Those who dwelled in her had loyalty neither to Law nor to Chaos and they had chosen to have no part in the Cosmic Struggle which was waged continuously by the Lords of the Higher Worlds. Her citizens lived in harmony with each other, even though many had been warriors of great reputation before they chose to stay there."

"She had been here always. None knew when Tanelorn had been built, but some knew that she had existed before Time and would exist after the end of Time and that was why she was known as Eternal Tanelorn"
-Michael Moorcock (To Rescue Tanelorn, The Vanishing Tower)

Maybe you were running. From something, to something, just trying to get away. Maybe you were lost in a storm, adrift between planes, or trapped in a dying ship with a faulty compression coil. Or maybe you woke up at home this morning, ready for a perfectly normal day in your perfectly normal life when the cloth of the universe snagged and pulled your single thread free from the fabric of time.

Whatever the case, welcome to Tanelorn. And get ready to leave normal far behind.

[community profile] tanelorn is a panfandom jamjar-with-portals RPG based in the Multiverse setting of Michael Moorcock's novels. The game has an emphasis on metaplot, multi-world exploration, and travel, and welcomes OU, AU, multiple, and original characters from any canon. A city of all places and none, Tanelorn roams the currents of the multiverse and takes her chosen inhabitants along for the ride, stopping at new worlds every month and leaving trails that experienced wanderers can learn to explore.

But not everything that crosses through the void is friendly, and Tanelorn has long been coveted by powers that would use her to their own ends. You might discover your place out on the dreampaths, or even find a road back home. But whatever your goal, take care, Traveler—of where you walk, and what you might bring back when you return.

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